About Us

Rosalind Studd  ■  Elahe Alavi

Repair What You Wear is our personal response to austerity and climate change, a recognition of the need that small things will make a difference to individuals and society. 

Clothes mending can save money and reduce landfill at a time that both are essential but when mending skills have all but disappeared.  Set up and funded by a former retail buyer and a graphic designer, the teaching is clear and accessible, designed to empower when we can all feel helpless in the face of change.

I teach fashion textiles and love teaching.  But I started my professional life as a retail buyer and product developer for the big fashion names.  Textiles are my thing and I just love manufacturing but not the current levels of pollution and waste.  The project came about when I realised how much money I saved by mending my children’s clothes but others did not have the skills to make this choice.  The website is all about proper teaching and what the student can achieve for themselves.  I am the originator of the project, the technical knowledge and sew with my right hand.

I am a graphic designer, originally from Iran. I have lived in the United States and now the UK.  I was brought up with a culture of care for clothing and the love of old pieces. Like all who care about the world, I have deep concerns about climate change and waste, and this project is a small contribution to our future. When Ros shared her idea of Repair What You Wear project with me I became determined to step in and help to make it happen. My contribution is the branding, graphic and web design, and promotion of this wonderful project.




Our thanks goes to Leonore – our left handed teacher.  She is an economics student from Belgium who has a passion for vintage and historical costume and is a good friend.