Mending Jeans

Learning how to mend tears, holes or worn-out areas in jeans is a useful skill to have as it can save you money and extend the life of your favourite pair of jeans. There are several methods of mending jeans depending on the extent and location of the damaged area.

Patching, darning, topstitching or decorative mending, and invisible mending. We try to have examples of each and introduce the best practices.  

Mending Tears in Jeans

Follow this sewing tutorial to mend the crouch of worn-out jeans. No sewing machine is needed.

Sashiko Decorative Mend on Jeans

In this method the stitches are visible, and they can be very decorative if you want to do a creative visible mend. Here we have stuck to simple stitches for a functional workwear look. 

How to replace the zipper in jeans

Easily cut the old zipper’s teeth and sew on a new zipper! This method is fast and easy and you don’t need a sewing machine.

Sashiko Visible Patches on Jeans

You can use patching on any woven clothes and enjoy being a bit more expressive.

Creative Frayed Hem Mend

How to hem frayed edges on jeans? Watch and learn. If you want to try visible mending on jeans, this video gives some simple ideas for what to do with frayed hems.

How to fix ripped pocket on jeans by hand

A simple fix combining elements of backstitch and herringbone stitch gives the flexibility needed for the area – and takes less than 10 minutes for both pockets.

Decorating Jeans with Simple Embroidery Stitches

Just a few different stitches can be used in any way you want. Here are 5 techniques to decorate a pair of repaired jeans – it helps blend in the mend, without being too ‘loud’. Learn embroidery stitches here.