Knitwear Mends

Mending knitwear can daunting, but it is definitely possible and in many cases it’s actually quite simple.
Here are some tips for mending different types of knitwear:

Identify the type of knit: Different types of knit require different mending techniques. Fix small holes: If you have a small hole in your knitwear, you can fix it by using a just needle and thread. Fix large holes: If you have a large hole in your knitwear, you may need to use a darning technique. This involves weaving the thread back and forth across the hole until it is filled in. Fix loose stitches: If you have a loose stitch in your knitwear (ladder), you can use a crochet hook to pull the stitch back into place. You can also use a needle and thread to sew the stitch back in place. Prevent future damage: To prevent future damage, make sure to wash your knitwear according to the care instructions. Avoid hanging knitwear, as this can stretch it out of shape. Instead, fold it neatly and store it in a drawer or on a shelf.

Mending small holes in jumpers

Often caused by moths or a pulled thread.  Most holes can be closed and almost invisible.

Mending knitwear collars

When the collar separates from the knitwear it can be fixed easily. You just need a sharp needle and similar colour thread.

Mending underarm holes in knitwear

Mending underarm holes can be particularly awkward due to the construction – watch this tutorial and learn to easily mend them.

Mending holes in socks

Whip stitch holds fabric together without a heavy seam that rubs the toes and causes discomfort – watch this tutorial for a quick walk-through. If done with matching colour thread it will barely be visible.


Patching elbow on fine knitwear

No elbows on the table jumper? This tutorial shows how to reinforce the elbow and embroider using chain stitch.

Creative Mending – Elbow Patches

Snowflake mend… or a spider’s web? Either way, it creates an attractive cover for a hole, as well as reinforcing the fabric around it.

Reshaping knitwear sleeves

This tutorial teaches you how to shorten sleeves on fine knitwear while giving it a creative new look.

Mend a cuff on knitwear

How to repair rib and cuffs on sweaters, jumpers and sweatshirts. Any ribbed garment can be repaired using this technique

Upcycling a cashmere cardigan

This tutorial shows you how to mend worn out ribs in fine knitwear with chain stitching visibly. Look at the beautiful result!

How to move rib on knitwear

This was a dress, now it’s a much worn cropped jumper and it cost £1 plus my time to change it to something useful.

Mending knitted joggers

Great knitted joggers but a large hole in the knee. Watch the video to learn about handling different fabrics and wise solutions.

Patching T-shirts

Using a well-placed patch to cover a gap can be a great creative solution, and much better than drawing edges together.

Upcycling a shrunk jumper

This simple fix required only scissors and basic blanket stitch. No sewing machine, and no sewing expertise needed.