Mending Tutorials

Like any new skill, it may take you time to get good – but stick at it. Good enough is enough. 

Our tutorials are deliberately focussed on hands and practical tutorials and we have divided them into groups to help you select:

Core Mending Skills

Start here if you are a beginner, or need refreshing.

Never sewn before, or need refreshing? These tutorials cover the skills you need to mend most clothing, and you can select left or right handed tutorials.

General Mends

Looking for specific mends or ideas?

Browse through a selection of common problems with practical solutions.

Unifrom Mends

Common school uniform problems with practical solutions.

Uniforms of any kind are hard-wearing and essential garments but with common problems – most of which should be covered here.
A range of examples to look at for general mending, too.

Beginners Embroidey

Left and right handed teaching.

Designed to skill up children to use a needle and thread in a creative and fun way, taught left and right handed.

Unifrom Mends

Ideas on how to alter clothing.

Altering garments can make them more wearable, fit better or express your own style. It’s becoming ever more popular, and these tutorials look at specific techniques that can be useful.