Sortswear and Shoe Mends

Sports fabrics are hardwearing and great for purpose but are mostly synthetic, which makes mending and keeping them in use even more important as they won’t biodegrade once you’re done with them. They can be expensive, and replacing them frequently due to minor damages can quickly add up.¬†
By mending sportswear, you can reduce the amount of waste generated and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Mending a rip in a cycling jacket

When jackets split you can repair using reflective tape. This is cheap, clever and good for the environment. See this examaple 

Visible mending on walking shoes

It’s possible to mend sports shoes easily, visibly but proudly. Take the time to watch this mending tutorial, opens up possibilities.

Mending Sports Leggings

This tutorial shows how to mend small holes in stretch fabric by using wooly nylon thread. Strong and it should last the heavy duty workout.

Mending Big Holes in Lycra

Easily follow this tutorial and learn how to do this special sailing stitches to add life to your clothes.

Mending Medium Holes in Lycra

Mending holes in sports legging (lycra fabric) that really works! You do need a piece of iron-on interfacing and some wooly nylon thread. 

Mending waterproof jacket with nylon patch

With just some tape you can mend the garments that can’t be sewon.

Repairing holes in running shoes

Follow this simple tutorial and mend small tears in running shoe fabric (mesh). No sewing machine is needed.