Mending Coats and Jackets

 Mending jackets can be challenging depending on the type of repair needed and the materials used to make the jacket.
Certain materials, such as leather or thick wool, may require specific tools to mend properly, however with a bit of creativity you can
mend most types of jackets.Check the mending tutorials below and see if you can take their lead to mend your jacket. 

Mending Tears in Down Jackets

An unusual approach to mending down jackets using Spinnaker Tape on a jacket split – no sewing, no fuss!

Mending jacket with ladder stitch

This mend is on a jacket where we had to repair the inner lining with invisible stitch.

Mending a rip in a cycling jacket

When jackets split you can repair using reflective tape. This is cheap, clever and good for the environment. See this examaple 

Mending waterproof jacket with nylon patch

With just some tape you can mend the garments that can’t be sewon.