When garments need a bit of altering to make them fresh, fixed or wearable again – get ideas from these videos and have a try.  Just small changes can make a huge difference to how you feel about wearing clothes again, shortening lengths, changing sleeve shapes, decorating – it’s worth trying and feeling proud of what you do.

    Visible patches in Denim

You can use patching on any woven clothes and enjoy being a bit more expressive.

Sashiko Decorative mends on Jeans

Visible/hidden patches are a way of strengthening cloth without seeing the fabric placement. You see the stitches and they can be very decorative if you wish.


    Upcycling a shrunk jumper

It can be hard to unshrink wool. This simple fix required only scissors and basic blanket stitch. No sewing machine, and no sewing expertise needed.

Patching T-shirts

How to move rib on knitwear

This was a dress, now it’s a much worn cropped jumper and it cost £1 plus my time to change it to something useful.

     Upcycling and Mending knitwear

This tutorial teaches you how to shorten sleeves on fine knitwear while giving it a creative new look.

Creative Mending – Elbow Patches

Should we call this a snowflake mend… or a spider’s web? Either way, it creates an attractive cover for a hole, as well as reinforcing the fabric around it

Upcycling a throw to a scarf

This textured throw had been destroyed on one side… add a bit of creativity (and surprisingly little work) and we’ve ticked one present off the list: a winter scarf!

Make frayed hems on denim look good

A Skirt Saved With Ladder Stitch

Back pockets quick fix

Mending a tear in waistband

Decorating Jeans

Restyling a shirt