General Mends

For those who have got used to mending or who have a particular problem, general mends look at common mending problems with practical solutions. Scan down the options, and select what looks most like your garment challenge. Clothing is individual, and rarely are two garments the same – but ideas and techniques apply across different items.
From socks to elbow holes, and jacket seam splits to shoes, there are plenty of ideas and tips here so enjoy watching and learning.

 Mending Jeans

Mending tears in jeans

Follow this sewing tutorial to mend the CROTCH of worn-out JEANS. No sewing machine needed.

Visible patches in Denim

You can use patching on any woven clothes and enjoy being a bit more expressive.

 Mending Knitwear

Mending small holes in jumpers

Often caused by moths or a pulled thread.  Most holes can be closed and almost invisible.

Mending knitwear collars

When the collar separates from the knitwear it can be fixed easily.

Mending underarm holes in knitwear

Clever mending can make a garment wearable, even with larger holes.

Mending holes in socks

Whip stitch holds fabric together without a heavy seam that rubs.

Patching elbow on fine knitwear

No elbows on the table jumper? Try this patching technique!

Creative Mending – Elbow Patches

Should we call this a snowflake mend… or a spider’s web? Either way, it creates an attractive cover for a hole, as well as reinforcing the fabric around it

How to move rib on knitwear

This was a dress, now it’s a much worn cropped jumper and it cost £1 plus my time to change it to something useful.

Mending Knitted joggers

Great knitted joggers but a large hole in the knee. Watch the video to learn about handling different fabrics and wise solutions.

Reshaping Knitwear Sleeves

This tutorial teaches you how to shorten sleeves on fine knitwear while giving it a creative new look.

Split Seams

Gathering, a real mend

Gathering is simple to fix, watch and see.

Ladder stitch, a real mend

Genuine drama where a jacket was saved! Watch and learn.

A Skirt Saved With Ladder Stitch

Backstitch, a real mend

Backstitch in action on a long mend, saved good garments.

Backstitch in action on a long mend, saved good garments.

Herringbone, a real mend

Herringbone in action for mending hems.

Herringbone in action for mending hems.

Sportswear & Shoes

Mending a rip in a cycling jacket

Sports fabrics are hardwearing and great for purpose but are mostly synthetic, which makes mending and keeping them in use even more important as they won’t biodegrade once you’re done with them!

Visible Mending – Sport Shoes No.1

It’s possible to mend sports shoes easily, visibly but proudly. Take the time to watch this, opens up possibilities. An expensive pair of Scarpa summer walking boots are saved for many more seasons by chain stitch.