I fixed 2 shirts!

There was a real satisfaction in fixing something yourself and not paying someone else.

Fantastic videos, clear instructions that make it easy to pick up and follow.  I watched the video then went back through it pausing and sewing in phases.  Success!

‘As someone who lacks confidence in sewing and is pretty clumsy, I found the videos really clear and easy to follow.  It gave me renewed confidence to sew on buttons and even darn a sock.  My late mother would have been very proud!’   

I think a free resource centre with methods and examples is an amazing idea and is invaluable for the slow fashion movement.

I needed this website!

am so glad I found you!   I have been wearing and collecting vintage clothing since the 90s.  I have recently discovered that the clothing moths have found my wares again.  It doesn’t help that I have a lot of cashmere and amazing 60s Italian wool pieces.  I have ‘some’ sewing experience but no knitting at all.  It sounds like I may need to learn some to repair the holes that await me. ’